Friday, February 27, 2009

Moving Sites!

My new location. :)
why? because.. I guess I like i more there. I guess now all of my 56075 followers will have to watch me there from now on :-/

All the artist I watch are there! and it has some cool features! Convert!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Earphones and Anger

Long story short: my ipod earphones broke a while ago and I set out to find new ones. I went into an apple store to find a pair that matched the ones I used to own. However, the kind I had for my nano apparently went out of fashion and aren't being sold anymore l:c . So.. I literally try every size of the JBud brand earphones. But, apparently none of them would fit (believe me, I tried sticking that thing in every nook and cranny in my ear (that sounds kind of wrong).

I just bought a cheap set of JBuds because I thought I was the problem and perhaps with time I would get used to the earphones. Wrong. Also, since my weird ladybug set (yes, when I have them on it looks like there are insects in my ears, kind of dorky) came with two sizes, I decided to take the silicon coverings off. Now I can't stick either size back on. The earphones fit in my ears now, but they feel so awkward. And listening to anything on them gives me a headache.

I was thinking of getting headphones, but the point of having earphones was that they were small and portable.

Yes, this needed an entire post. I think I'll delete this later when I'm less angry over such a little thing.
(headphones do look awesome though..)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trying to Actually Blog

Truthfully, the only reason I have a blogging account is to stalk other people. But..since I have a little too much free time on my hands I'll donate some of that time to blogging. (also because it looks kind of fun!).

Anyway during my winter break I went to Israel again (where I grew up) to see my dad and my brother Rafi (the most awesome big brother in the world). I stayed in Tel-Aviv with my dad and his wife. My brother is living there temporarily until he finds a job and an apartment(I think he found one, not sure). But it's really hard finding a job or apartment in Tel-Aviv, so I wish him luck :0.

I'm back in my dorm at SAIC (school of the art institute of Chicago). Weird seeing snow everywhere. Everyone in Tel-Aviv were wearing huge puffy coats even though I could walk around with a T-shirt.

Got a TV (finally). It's small, but at least it's HD. Tax on it was like $40 which is RIDICULOUS.
"do you want a blu-ray player as well?"
"does it come free?.."
"I wish.."

I hate blog posts with all text and no pictures, so here you go:

The Pictures above are from Acre, and the rest are from Tel-Aviv.
going to Acre is pretty dangerous for Israelis, especially because of the war in Gaza and growing tension between Israelis and Palestinians/Arabs. Sooo... my bro and I pretended to be American tourists. We thought we would have awesome disguises since we could speak fluently in English(as well as hebrew) but it was a FAIL. My brother and I looked too relaxed for Americans traveling though Iffy territory and my brother looked too Israeli(which is probably the main reason). We would talk in english, and everyone would answer back in hebrew :-/ . Are we that obvious?
Good we went when we did. Israel got attacked from the north not long after. :0 good my brother probably won't get drafted. Or at least so far.