Friday, January 23, 2009

Earphones and Anger

Long story short: my ipod earphones broke a while ago and I set out to find new ones. I went into an apple store to find a pair that matched the ones I used to own. However, the kind I had for my nano apparently went out of fashion and aren't being sold anymore l:c . So.. I literally try every size of the JBud brand earphones. But, apparently none of them would fit (believe me, I tried sticking that thing in every nook and cranny in my ear (that sounds kind of wrong).

I just bought a cheap set of JBuds because I thought I was the problem and perhaps with time I would get used to the earphones. Wrong. Also, since my weird ladybug set (yes, when I have them on it looks like there are insects in my ears, kind of dorky) came with two sizes, I decided to take the silicon coverings off. Now I can't stick either size back on. The earphones fit in my ears now, but they feel so awkward. And listening to anything on them gives me a headache.

I was thinking of getting headphones, but the point of having earphones was that they were small and portable.

Yes, this needed an entire post. I think I'll delete this later when I'm less angry over such a little thing.
(headphones do look awesome though..)


RedWolf said...

Can you buy me headphones as well? I want some. Make it Bose. hehe
I'll get you good earphones for your birthday. :)

Ivory-Bell said...

June 10th. >: )
I might go tomorrow and get shitty replacement ones, just so I don't have these awkward JBuds.